2020 Made Me Do It

Maria Andersen
3 min readDec 30, 2020

2020 made me think a lot about my Lifestyle.

Since this year, I have decided to make annually Summarize and Plans for the next year, not only in my thought but also on paper.

And even though many people could say that you need to live just for Today, I’m sure that it’s not entirely right. Living just for the present day we hang in space, having no goals, no aspirations, no motivation, no dreams.

Actually, I am ready to live for Today, only if the actions during my day are building my Tomorrow. Well, if Tomorrow is destined not to happen, then at least I will know that I have done everything possible, and not just wasted my time. This is the conclusion I made looking back over the past 10 years.

2020 wasn’t the worst year for me, and at some point of view even the best for the past decade. This year made it clear to the whole world that we are just a grain of sand in the natural cycle of the planet. And looking at humanity as a whole, we can conclude that in any emergency situation, a mentally weak person will become even weaker, and a strong one will only gain additional strength. Of course there are exceptions, but I’m speaking in general. I am grateful for 2020, I realized how strong I can be, not depending on prejudices, and controlling my mind like a Rubik’s cube in order to find a suitable option and move on.

The greatest gift of nature (or God, whatever you like) to a human is the ability to adapt to any situation, solve complex problems, plan the future, get an incredible amount of new skills (at any age!). It’s trully a miracle! Look at the other living beings on our planet, they are not given this opportunity!

And a person even in ninety years old can learn something new and get this knowledge into practice.

It was the year 2020 that provoked many people to become even stronger, adapt to a new reality, absorb unique ideas and knowledge, moving on, solving problems and tasks of any complexity. The rest, who have not accepted the new world order, are left to trail at the end of the pack losing their strength and hope for a better life.

What did 2020 give me?

- Even more courage and faith in my strength (not biceps, of course, but fortitude and mental stability).

- Understanding that I can get a new skill absolutely independently and successfully apply it in my life. As I did with my new social project.

- Also understanding that social restrictions are not so scary at all, but even useful.

- I realized that changing countries and cities for living it’s easy for me (and most importantly it’s so exiting!)

- I realized that there are no limits in life! (Especially if we get rid of all the prejudices imposed on us for years by those around us!)

And briefly.

NO to: TV, TV shows, news feeds, gossip, sitting on the couch, negative people, heavy carbohydrates, strong alcohol, toxic relationships, addiction to things, waste of money on unnecessary stuff, belief in the prejudices of the past, living in the same place for a long time.

YES to: audiobooks (you can do several things at the same time!), technical progress, self-development and learning, healthy and high-quality food, long walks, creating a community of successful and positive-minded people, who have a direct impact on our life (even online), accepting any situations, building a financial model that allows you not to depend on any location, travel and live in the best cities in the world (I hope it will be possible in 2021!)

Will there be a Best year? Will 2021 be Better than 2020?

Definitely not! 2021 will be completely different, and whether it will be better or not, it’s up to us.



Maria Andersen

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