How did I start Investing?! My Story!

Vienna, Austria

I was born and grew up in Russia, in a Soviet Union, to be exact. By the way, that’s why I have my Russian accent that you can hear watching my videos, but I hope you will forgive me that. And in the Soviet Union I was not taught finance or investing, of course, and no one talked about it. It was considered bad form to talk about money in my family, as in every Soviet family too.

Unfortunately, financial literacy and investments were not taught at the university either. When I graduated I went to work, and I wish and I would know at least something about investing in my 20s, but no.

From my twenties to my thirties I worked hard and I was making some good money. But I was spending them all on my lifestyle: new cars, clothes, jewelry, expensive vacations… Not thinking about the future. And I already had a baby that time, my son Victor. I’m a single mom. When the kid was small, I was spending a lot of money on different stuff for him, trying to give him all the best. But sometimes the best things in the world are not things at all, just to understand that requires some time and experience. So my lifestyle costed me a lot.

I also had some credit loans. Well, I had several bank accounts in a different Russian banks and the banks were offering me credit cards, seeing my good salary. I agreed, I thought why not, it’s like a free money. But I perceived this money as mine and spent it all on my lifestyle, not thinking that it was a trap. So, don’t make the same mistakes I did. Use a credit card to build your credit score, but not to spend on luxury life.

You might think I was stupid, now I already know that, but it took me a while to figure it out. Even though I was stupid but not 100%. I also saved some of the money I earned, in a bank savings accounts, on the advice of a bank advisor, of course (no bank advisor would tell you that savings accounts over a long period of time can lose you money). Now I know that the percentage in a bank savings accounts is miserable, it doesn’t even cover inflation, especially in Russia, where I used to live.

After some time, I gained some experience and realized I was losing a lot of money (Finally!). I started reading a lot of books about managing finances and about investments. These books really helped me, they started to change my life. I think it happened because I was ready for changes and I absorbed new knowledge and information very fast. The world is not as simple as it seems, everything happens to you when you are ready for it.

One day I just opened my eyes and started a New Life. I closed my debts, sold an expensive car, opened a brokerage account. Investing and accumulating wealth became my new passion. Now my priorities are — different income sources, passive income that could give us financial freedom and possibility of travel around the world. I’m investing in Stocks, Real Estate, Cryptocurrency. I am proud to be an example for my son.


I surrounded myself with people with the same mindset. This is the best thing in the world, I tell you!

Also, I have always been attracted to achieving goals, because Big goal gives you a huge power and motivation every day. So I set myself a goal — to become a millionaire, using different investing strategies and passive income opportunities. I know exactly how to make it happen. I know my future steps and I already know all the mistakes that I would never do again.

I even started my YouTube channel, as my Online diary, to share all the steps of my Journey. And maybe even help some people to change their life.



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