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Hey! I’m Maria Andersen! How are you today?

I’d like to share with you my Million Dollar Story.

It’s not just an article, it’s actually my Online Financial Diary about my way to One Million Dollars. And today I’ll show you all my strategies in real estate investing, stock investing, crypto investing, and also some passive income ideas, that are helping me to achieve my goal! Enjoy your reading!

So, the problem is, or maybe it’s not a problem at all, I’ve always been living a good life, working hard, BUT spending a lot of money on my lifestyle! During the last ten years my priority was just MAKING money, but not accumulating my wealth! To be honest I didn’t respect the value of money. And that’s my main mistake, and the lesson I’ve learned! Because it’s definitely not the main thing how much money you make, but the most important thing how much money you safe and invest.

I’m really happy to realize that finally, because it’s better late than never!

I even started my YouTube Channel in 2020 to share with you my new goal — my million dollar goal, and I’ll try to achieve it in no more than 7 years. My idea is not just to get to this Million Dollars, and then spend it all. The goal is to get to that million dollars through investing strategies and passive income strategies. And this channel is supposed to be my online financial diary where I’m sharing my journey, and I hope that some people will find it helpful too.

And here is my favorite book that helped me in the beginning of my journey.

So, my goal is not just living a super frugal life during the next 7 years, I’m not going to sleep in a car, and eating just rice and water all those years to safe as much money as I can. I mean, it’s okay that someone has such a lifestyle to achieve his/her goals, I respect their choice, but that is not my personal strategy. Because first of all I have a certain lifestyle already, I’m 37 years old, I’m a single mom, I’m a hard worker, and I love certain stuff, which makes me happy! Such as: living in a good places, traveling, eating some good and healthy food, owning a good quality stuff and so on.

By the way, you can join my Vlogs Channel to watch some behind the scenes videos, unboxing videos, travel videos, and other random stuff.

What I’m personally doing to achieve my million dollar goal — I’m not trying to CUT all my expenses, and instead of that I’m working on increasing my income streams. That’s how I will still be able to live my comfortable life today, and also to achieve my million dollar goal much faster.

If that sounds interesting for you, let me share my real plan — how I’m going to become a millionaire.

And the FIRST thing which is really important for me is to have a stable income source, that’s why number one tip in my strategy is — to have a regular job and stable income. I still have my regular job, so I could cover all my monthly expenses and continue improving my investing strategies.

Real Estate.

Also one thing I’ve already done to increase my income streams is — some time ago I invested my money into the real estate, I’ve bought an apartment in the center of Moscow, where I came from. And this apartment costed me nearly $200,000 in 2018, since that time it’s value increased up to 35 percent, because Moscow real estate market is really fast growing, especially if your apartment is in the city center. The apartment brings me extra one thousand dollars per month. I’m quite happy with that because I can invest those money, and use them to accumulate my wealth.


To be honest, If I would count my net worth, I’m already a millionaire, at least in Russian rubles, because the ruble to dollar rate is 74 rubles to one dollar, and my apartment that worth three hundred thousand dollars, makes me a ruble multi-millionaire, with a net worth of more than twenty-two million rubles. That’s funny, right?

I’m going to invest more money into real estate and I’ll definitely be showing you the entire process on my channel. My plan is to invest into European and American real estate too. So stay tuned!

Now I’m also investing in crypto a lot, but firstly let me tell you about my stock investing strategy, because I’ve started my journey with stock investing, and I still love stocks and shares for my portfolio diversification.


Here’s one more tip for you guys, especially for those of you who are heavily invested in crypto. Don’t underestimate diversification. Check out this Investing in Stocks playlist on my channel.

My Stock Portfolio is quite impressive now, and I’m gonna make a whole video about it. I’m using different investment brokers and different stock investing strategies. Always trying something new to increase my profits. I personally love growth stocks such as Tesla, Shopify, Etsy, Facebook, Netflix and so on. Also I love hight dividend paying stocks, and monthly dividend paying stocks.

One more great strategy is ETF investing. It’s the easiest thing you can do, if you have no time for researching and tracking all those individual stocks.

ETFs (exchange traded funds) are usually well structured, and can contain many types of investments, including stocks, commodities, bonds, or a mixture of investment types.

And my favorite ever ETFs that are helping me on my million dollar way are — VOO, VTI, and VTIAX. And if you wanna see the numbers, let’s say I’m investing $3,000 per month in VOO, that’s what I’m trying to do every month, after I’ve changed my spending habits. The average annual growth of VOO that actually tracks S&P 500, is nearly 13 percent. So, if I would invest into VOO $3,000 every month for the next 7 years, I should end up with about $374,000. And that is just super passive investing strategy. And that’s just my stock investing strategy.

I’m not counting all the taxes here, of course, I added just 2% inflation, but anyway I’m just rounding the numbers for now. And also nobody can predict you the same annual growth year by year, but we will see.

If you wanna use that investment growth calculator too, you can find it here.


Let’s talk about my crypto strategy now.

And the first thing I recommend you to do is to register on Crypto com Platform using my affiliate link and we both get $25 bonus! Click here to use my link. That’s a free money!

So, if I could be fearless enough investing in crypto, I could become a millionaire just in 69 days, as this guy who bought Dogecoin did. But I’ll always be telling you - remember to make your own research, because none of us YouTubers are licensed financial advisers. We are just content creators, and only you are responsible for your money.

So what strategy I’m using in crypto to achieve my million dollar goal?

I’m making a lot of research first of all. And I’m making a lot of videos about it. All those videos are in my Investing in Crypto Playlist. Also I’m investing only in projects that I understand well. I would say, I’m quite new in crypto sphere, because the first Bitcoin I bought was in March 2020. Now I’m investing not only in Bitcoin, but also in Ethereum, Cardano, Kusama, Polkadot, Matic, and so on. And I’m making money on my crypto by staking it. And here is my Crypto Staking explanation if you’re interested. It’s super easy, kind of making passive income on your crypto.

My crypto portfolio is not too huge now, but it’s hard to predict what will happen next. Because for example if I invested $40,000 in Kusama in August 2020, when it was about $12 per coin, I would get my million dollars already in today in August 2021, because the price per one Kusama coin is about $300 now.

That’s why, I can’t predict the growth of my crypto portfolio. But I will definitely keep you informed, and if I become a millionaire through crypto, you will be the first to know about it.

The main tip in my crypto strategy — I’m personally using dollar cost averaging. It means I’m buying crypto steadily once a month or once every two weeks if the price is going low. And I’m not selling anything yet. So, that’s my crypto strategy for the next 7 years.

Passive Income.

And now just a couple of words about Passive income ideas.

I don’t have any digital products that could bring me money yet.

But I’m investing a lot in my Youtube channel, and I believe this is a great opportunity to make money. Because here on YouTube you can talk about anything you really love, you can have a great community, make new friends, talk to some interesting people, and still get paid for it! Sounds like a dream, right?

Of course, YouTube requires a lot of investments, for example here are my investments in YouTube over the last year, and I think that’s a lot. Also I’m spending a lot of my own time for scripting, filming and editing. But I love it!

And if one day Youtube will bring me some money from youtube ads. I’ll be even happier!

But besides Youtube ads, YouTube can provide you also several income streams, such as — sponsorships, affiliate marketing, selling your own products, and so on. I’m working on it and I’ll keep you updated!

So, for now I can’t predict my YouTube income proportionally because its growing exponentially, and the only thing I can do is to invest in my YouTube business, in myself, in my equipment, to provide a better quality content for my viewers and grow faster.

And that’s pretty much everything for today! Now you know all my strategies and plans, and if you wanna support me and my dreams, please check out my channel and hit that Like button!




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